Carousel History - From Early to Modern Carousels

There would be no history of carousels if there was no immigrants to United States who brought their art of woodworking and their knowledge of mechanics and turned all that into fantastical machines.

Picture Of Sea On Land 1880

Who invented Carousels?

Carousels have a long history and date since the times of knights on horses and jousting. They were (and still are) entertainment for adults and kids alike and are still popular fair rides.

Picture Of Swinging Carousel In Liseberg Sweden

History of the Swing Carousels

Swing ride is a predecessor and a successor of a carousel ride. While the carousels are mainly “tied” to the ground, swing rides cam be tens (and tens) of meters high.

Picture Of Children's Carousel

Gustav Dentzel and Dentzel Carousel

Gustav Dentzel was one of the carousel pioneers and his carousels (although made some 150 years ago) are still considered works of art and ingenuity. Some are still in working order even today.

Picture Of Charles I. D. Looff

Charles I. D. Looff

Charles I. D. Looff is one of pioneers in manufacturing of carousels and merry-go-rounds. He and his family produced many, of what is today considered, classical amusement rides and their stile is characteristic even today.

Picture Of Antique Style Carousel In Switzerland